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Order Bulgarian takeaway online in Birmingham

Bulgarian takeaways and restaurants in Birmingham

Birmingham – Real Local Food. Delivered Real Fast.

In Birmingham, our first partner joined us in Sep 2006. We now have 548 restaurant partners, serving over 55 different cuisines including Indian, Pizza, Chinese, Kebabs, Chicken. We work with the best restaurants and have had 223,984 reviews, with an average rating of 4.70. With a population of over 984,333, we want to feed everyone and our restaurants are open for business from 5:00AM until 11:59PM... What are you waiting for?

Real Bulgarian Food. Delivered Real Quick.

Banitza, Kebapche, Shopska, Lyutenitsa – if you don’t know about Bulgarian food, it’s tastiness comes as a very welcome surprise. It has much in common with Greek and Turkish food but has a personality all of its own. No wonder really, Bulgaria’s history stretches back thousands of years, further back even than the Romans.

Turkish Cuisine is brilliant for slow-cooked stews, flavoured-packed vegetables and wonderfully cheesy dishes. The must-haves include Banitza (a fab and flaky filo pastry stuffed with cheese), Kebapche (amazing Bulgarian Kebabs with grated white cheese) and Musaka (the Bulgarian version of Moussaka with a lot more vegetables and eggs plus mushrooms and nutmeg). Ordering food in Bulgaria can be a little confusing though as shaking the head means ‘yes’ and nodding means ‘no’. Not a prob if you order from a takeaway near you via the Just Eat app.

Best Bulgarian restaurants in Birmingham

Bulgarian Village Kitchen
Commercial Unit 2 Westside 2 Suffolk St Queensway, B11LY
1 reviews