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Cheese Bagel, Marmite Bagel, Hummus Bagel, just plain ol' Bagel – despite being around for about 400 years, Bagels have never been more popular. But it’s not the fillings that make them special, it’s the bread. That wonderfully dense and chewy texture is because they’re the only bread boiled before being baked. This makes them the perfect base for any filling you might fancy. And there’s plenty out there to fancy.

There are Chicken Caesar Bagels, Mexican Tuna Bagels, Turkey Club Bagels, Tex-Mex Bagels, Halal Salami Bagels and countless other Bagel inventions out there. And if you’d rather invent your own, there are also plenty of Create-Your-Own-Bagels out there, too. By the way, that famous hole in the middle is so they're easy to transport on sticks. These days, though, it's easier to get them transported to you on a Just Eat delivery bike.

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