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Char Siu Bao, Hainan Chicken Rice, Beef Chow Fun – many of the delicious dishes that the world calls Chinese, the Chinese call Cantonese. Originating in the former Southern province of Canton, Cantonese cuisine has travelled around the globe and thrilled healthy appetites everywhere. Cantonese food is all about subtle flavours and fresh ingredients with small amounts of soybean, ginger, spring onion, oyster or plum sauce to enhance the meat and seafood dishes.

Some of those dishes are unbeatable. Like Char Siu Bao – fluffy white bread buns stuffed with slow-roasted pork, Hainan Chicken Rice – wonderfully juicy chicken in soy sauce and ginger with garlic-flavoured rice, Beef Chow Fun – basically Beef fried noodle heaven, and the awesome Claypot Rice – a clay pot packed with mushroom, sausage and veg cooked in crispy rice and a dark soy sauce. Just de-lish. Better order a delivery from somewhere near you through your Just Eat app, right now.

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