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Fufu, Banku, Jollof, Red Red, Waakye – dishes from Ghana are as enjoyable to eat as they are to say out loud. Ghanaian Cuisine is simple but wonderful. This is food that's big on flavour and small on fuss.

Most meals feature thick and heavily-seasoned stews served with staples like rice or boiled yams. Like Red Red, a sensational stew of black-eyed peas cooked in palm oil with plantains. Red Red is great great. So is Ghanaian Jollof Rice, a spicy one-pot basmati rice classic. So too is Waakye, a magical medley of beans and rice. Not forgetting the brilliantly-named Fufu and Light Soup which isn’t an Indie band, it’s a wonderfully sticky paste of cassava and plantains (Fufu) in a light and lovely meat or fish soup. If you’re lucky, you can order some of these tasty treasures from a takeaway near you, via the Just Eat app.