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Falafel Wrap, Halloumi Wrap, BBQ Chicken Wrap, Lamb Doner Wrap, Pulled Pork Wrap – what is it about food wrapped inside a thin-rolled flour bread that has taken the world by storm? Maybe it’s because it seals in the ingredients better than a sandwich or a roll? (You know, less chance of saucy stuff squirting out the sides.) Maybe it’s because they’re not buttered? Maybe it’s because they seem like a lighter bite? Or maybe it’s because there are just so many delicious choices out there.

Whether you prefer your Wraps wrapped in Wheat Tortilla, Roti, Lavash or Pitta Bread, there’s sure to be one that hits the spot. Hummus & Avocado Wraps, Chips & Cheese Wraps, Diablo Chicken Wraps, Curry Chickpeas & Potato Wraps – they’re all out there somewhere near you, waiting for your order via Just Eat.

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