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Order Pizza takeaway online in Redcar

Pizza takeaways and restaurants in Redcar

Redcar – Real Local Food. Delivered Real Fast.

In Redcar, our first partner joined us in Mar 2011. We now have 31 restaurant partners, serving over 11 different cuisines including Indian, Pizza, Chinese, Kebabs, Chicken. We work with the best restaurants and have had 9,565 reviews, with an average rating of 5.10. With a population of over 37,203, we want to feed everyone and our restaurants are open for business from 10:00AM until 11:59PM... What are you waiting for?

Real Pizza. Delivered Real Quick.

Who doesn’t love a pizza? Italy’s most popular export and the world’s favourite slice of hot and melty heaven. From the ovens of Naples to the streets of New York to the delivery bikes of Just Eat, pizza is the King Of The Takeaways. A crowd-pleasing, all-in-one, global sensation. Transformed by an ever-growing choice of toppings to cater for ever-changing tastes.

Whether you adore classics like Mushroom, Pepperoni, Ham or Margherita. Or modern twists like Shellfish, Shawarma, Pineapple, Vegan and Kimchi. Whether you like it stretched thin and crispy or puffed-up deep and doughy. Whether you like it folded into a Calzone or rolled into a Stromboli. Whether you like it wood-fired, stone-baked or grilled. There’s a pizza out there for you just waiting for you to lift the lid on it. Just tap into your Just Eat app.

Best Pizza restaurants in Redcar

Marcos 2
57 Station Road, TS101DT
81 reviews
Cafe Istanbul
27 Ennis Square, TS105JZ
231 reviews
Princess Pizza
Broadway East, TS105JP
197 reviews
Soprano's Pizzas
46 Hummershill Lane, TS117DH
220 reviews
64 Station Road, TS101DU
21 reviews
Uncle Rocco's Pizzeria
3 Redcar Lane, TS103JG
163 reviews

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